Campus Volunteers


- The volunteers will get the unique opportunity of working for human rights cases from their campus on a regular basis involving issues of criminal justice, prisoner’s rights, women’s rights, environmental protection, slum demolitions, labour rights etc.
- The volunteers get the opportunity to interact with other students interested in human rights from all across the country and abroad through a common platform for the exchange of ideas for human rights activism and research.
- The volunteers get a real world perspective on human rights protection in India through their direct involvement with SLIC’s initiatives.
- The volunteers gain research and organisational experience related to human rights balanced against their academic schedule in college.
- The best Campus Volunteers will get an opportunity to apply for the post of National Student Co-ordinator for future batches.


All law students are eligible to apply.

Deadline for academic year starting 2017: 10th September, 2017.
If you are interested in becoming our Campus Volunteer, please send your application form, a writing sample and CV to with a title in the subject line of your email: ‘Campus Volunteer for SLIC: (mention month)’.