The Kerala Office has its offices at Kochi and Wayanad which provide legal services in the area of human rights. The Wayanad office at Kalpetta, the headquarters of Wayanad, established in 2016 has the distinction of being an all-women advocate team. The office use “law as a tool for ensuring the rights of the downtrodden and accessing justice” for those who would otherwise be denied justice as a result of their lack of affluence, influence and legal empowerment. The office functions in the most backward district of Kerala, Wayanad, which is home for 36 percent of the total tribal population in Kerala- the most backward segment of the population in the state.

The Kochi office focuses on natters concerning atrocities on dalits and tribal land displacement issues.

Main Concerns

1. Adivasi Rights 2. Women’s Rights 3. Child Rights 4. Disability Rights 5. Transgender Rights 6. Labour Rights

SLIC Impact

Tribals, women, children, transgender people, can make use of the legal assistance rendered by the office without hesitation, fear or diffidence, as an empathetic – approach towards the client is developed by the office. Because of this those who have accessed justice by the service of the office refer other justice-denied, rights-violated, hapless people to the office for legal assistance based on their experience.
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