International Cooperation

Socio-Legal Information Centre’s work in strengthening Public Interest Litigation, promoting legal interventions to uphold Rule of Law and increasing Access to Justice in India is recognized globally. At SLIC, we aspire to inspire similar programmes in other parts of the world by way of sharing and cooperation. We strive to be an active part of the effort to uphold Human rights across the world with the understanding that human rights is a universal concern and cannot be viewed and addressed in isolation. Hence, we engage with like minded organizations, lawyers, universities, students, academicians and activists from all over the world in various ways :

- Internship / Volunteer opportunities for International Students
- Hosting Study Tours from Foreign Universities
- Host exchange programs with International lawyers
- Facilitating visits of International Delegations
- Lecture / Training Visits of SLIC Lawyers
- Documentation and sharing of our work and strategies with International Audience

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