The SLIC Unit at Agartala, Tripura was established in July, 2016 to provide free legal aid and sensitise common people about law and their rights with the aim of strengthening the human rights movement across the state. Our work addresses women’s rights, environmental issues, displacement, ecological degradation, land and forest rights and land acquisition. The problems of the Bru IDP (Internally Displaced People), land alienation, environment exploitation and degradation by industries are our prime concern along with trafficking of local teenage girls which has been on the rise in recent years.

Main Concerns

1. Women’s Justice: The focus area includes matters pertaining to sexual harassment of women, reproductive rights, and obtaining adequate care and compensation for abandoned wives.

2. Environmental Justice: Displacement and livelihood issues arising from environmental destruction or developmental project, particularly its impact on marginalised communities.

3. Criminal Justice: Providing legal aid to prisoners and juveniles. The unit also takes up issues pertaining to human rights of the people, especially those who cannot afford lawyers to defend or fight for them.

4. Housing and Land Rights: Matters pertaining to forced evictions and illegal demolitions.

5. Health Rights: Issues pertaining to lack of access to medication, medical negligence, right to choose, access to pre and post natal services particularly to women from marginalised communities

SLIC Impact

The unit has championed the cause of accessibility for pregnant women and neonatal children through pre and post natal care with an aim to reduce mortality rates among children and women. The unit is recognized as a pioneer in providing legal aid to prison inmates and juveniles in conflict with the law. It has also played an important role in safeguarding members from the tribal communities who are fighting to defend the rights of tribals which are being undermined in the state.

The unit has also done and is doing considerable work in helping the abandoned wives, children and parents in getting maintenance from their husbands, father, sons etc.

The unit has taken up several matters in the High Court of Tripura, Agartala, West Tripura in connection with the pothole free rights of the people and obtained orders of the court for completion of the construction of the roads within a certain time frame.