The SLIC Manipur Unit came into formal existence since 2004 but the work started prior in October 2000 with members from Independent People’s Inquiry Commission headed by Justice H. Suresh, who travelled across various areas of Manipur to meet the members of victims affected by conflict and to document cases of impunities – case of rape, violence, killings and disappearances. Since then the fight for justice of these victims has been the core engagement for the organisation through the our members have also worked on all other rights issues: child rights, HIV/AIDS and health, right to food, environment and women.

Main Concerns

1. Police atrocities

2. Women’s rights

3. Reproductive rights

4. Health rights

SLIC Impact

SLIC Manipur has been recognised as the main organisation in the state, which provides free legal aid to victims of army/police atrocities, torture, disappearances, rape and violence on civilians.

With active initiation of SLIC (Manipur), the High Court of Manipur has so far awarded compensation of Rs. 5,00,000/- (Rupees five lakhs) to more than 15 families, specifically killing in fake encounter by the security forces. Recently SLIC (Manipur) managed to secure a favourable direction from the High Court of Manipur in securing complete elimination out of-pocket expenses for both pregnant women and sick neonates. Earlier State Government had put a cap on the entitlements under JSSK and a megre amount of reimbursement were made after the delivery of the child in government hospitals. After SLIC’s (Manipur) intervention, the High Court has quashed the notification for putting a cap to the entitlement under JSSK, an absolute care on the pregnant women and sick neonates.

SLIC (Manipur) unit has also organised various workshops including Judicial Colloquium on Reproductive and Health Rights. SLIC (Manipur) has approached the High Court of Manipur for having proper health care facilities at District Hospitals, community health Centres, Primary Health Centres and Primary Health Sub-Centres in the State. At the same time SLIC (Manipur) knocked the door of the law court as and when the entitlements were not provided under various schemes relating to reproductive health.