The SLIC Rajasthan Unit, based out of Jaipur, was established in 2005, to provide legal aid to state’s underprivileged, particularly to dalits, women, and children, who are the worst victims of a rigidly caste-ridden society. The Rajasthan Unit is committed to developing alliances and partnerships with other civil society organizations, sensitising the bureaucracy on the needs of the people, providing access to justice to the marginalized through pro bono or low cost legal aid, and undertaking legal advocacy and awareness campaigns to benefit the poor.

Main Concerns

1. Reproductive rights
2. Dalit rights (Dalit atrocities cases, untouchability practice cases, dalit land rights issues)
3. Womens rights (Acid Attacks cases, domestic violence case, women atrocities case)

4. Better implementation of Rajasthan victims compensation scheme 2011

5. Prisoners’ rights

6. Rehabilitation of manual scavengers.

7. Protection of children’s against sexually harassment cases, child trafficking cases.

8. Right to food. (Implementation of MNREGA and national food security Act.)

9. Disability rights

10. HIV/AIDS related issue