Uttar Pradesh

The SLIC Uttar Pradesh (UP) Unit, based in Allahabad, was established in 2000 to provide legal aid to state’s underprivileged, particularly to Dalits, the worst victims of a rigidly caste-ridden society. Since then our mission has been to provide free legal aid to all those who can’t afford it. We also work with people’s struggles and serve as a comprehensive resource centre to empower the public by imparting knowledge on rights based issues. The UP Unit is committed to developing alliances and partnerships with other organisations working for people, sensitizing the judiciary and bureaucracy on the needs of the people, providing access to justice through legal intervention and undertaking legal advocacy and awareness campaigns.

Our activities include public interest litigation, providing free legal aid to the poor, deprived and under-privileged, organising trainings and workshops, awareness camps, and serving as a state-wide hub for networking and information sharing. Integral to SLIC UP’s activities is leveraging the strong relationships it has with other grassroots organisations in the state as well as with the other SLIC offices.

The unit is the first of its kind in the state to provide free legal aid to poor and conduct public interest litigations in the high court. In fact, over 50 PILs have been filed since its inception, many of which have resulted in favorable court orders. Highlights include cases regarding child torture and child marriages; the construction of ramps for the disabled in order to a participate in elections; environmental pollution cases related to water, land and forest; inhumane conditions in juvenile homes; corruption in the public distribution system; policy changes and Act amendments assisting Dalits; right to food issues calling for the closure of ‘fair price shops’ where grains and other staples are not distributed properly; and right to information work protesting excessive fees.

Note regarding internships at Allahabad SLIC:

Students who wish to apply for internships at the Allahabad unit must write to ali.zaidi@slic.org.in

SLIC has only one unit office in Allahabad based in Ashok Nagar. We don’t have any other affiliates or branches in the city.
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