No Room of My Own: Chronicling the aftermath of demolition at Khori Gaon

The team of lawyers and activists from Delhi visited Khori Gaon demolition site on 06.08.2021 and along with it they visited the Radha Swami Ashram Complex where the Radha Swami Ashram has set up temporary shelter to provide food, shelter and accommodation to the displaced residents of Khori Gaon, Faridabad on humanitarian ground. It was informed by one of the officials of the Ashram to the team members that Municipal Corporation of Faridabad (hereby referred to as “MCF”)is not providing any assistance to these displaced people from Khori Gaon. Ashram is doing everything on voluntary basis, MCF has not provided any assistance either by way of food or financially to the Ashram. Although the team found a banner hanging outside the Ashram gate informing that the temporary camp has been set up by many civil society organizations along with the MCF. However, neither the MCF team was present at the demolition site and nor at the Ashram complex. Download the report below: