Relief Work - Assam Unit

The Assam Unit of SLIC has actively been providing assistance to their clients and provided dry ration to families staying near by. Migrant Labourers who have not been able to access any sort of welfare schemes were also provided with assistance in terms of dry ration and sanitation equipment. Hemprabha, partnered with various NGOs and organizations has been involved in distributing dry ration to a number of families in the neighborhood and also provided food to street dogs in the area. She provided ration to more than 300 families along with Sauradeep.

Nandita worked with a number of NGOs to provide ration to migrant labourers and provide dry ration to migrant labourers. Debasmita has been providing dry ration and medical aid to families in the neighborhood and those from economically and socially marginalized communities. The whole SLIC team has been working together to provide food and dry ration to families near office.